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How can you improve your business profitability if you are not measuring results? A business performance (financial health) check will provide you with valuable insights that will allow you to make better decisions and establish clearer strategies to improve your business:

  • Profitability
  • Financial stability
  • Overall growth

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Report Highlights

Liquidity Indicators
Liquidity ratios measure the ability and quality of a company's current assets to meet current obligations as they fall due.

Activity (Asset Management) Indicators
These indicators measure a company’s efficiency in using its assets to generate sales, and the speed with which inventory is converted to sales and accounts receivable, and subsequently to cash.

Debt Management Indicators
Debt management indicators measure the degree of a company's indebtedness to its lenders and its ability to service and repay those debts as of when due.

Profitability Indicators
Profitability ratios measure how well the company has done in generating profit from the use of its assets and in the light of its sales volume.

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